Improve Your Score

How we help Businesses

We offer comprehensive solutions for this scheme, and advise food businesses to achieve high rating and ultimately increase their sale and business revenue.

Our Services include

  • Pre-inspection scoring ,GAP analysis and comprehensive review of last food hygiene inspection report.
  • Prepare your business for next inspection and NFHRS by implementing food hygiene system based on HACCP and Current legislation and requirements.
  • Post HACCP implementation service including 4 week inspection to make sure business is running consistently according to implementation food hygiene system .

We will 

  • Look at your last food hygiene inspection report to check that you have taken all of the actions needed to ensure that you meet legal requirements.
  • Make sure you have a food hygiene system is in placed according to current Food hygiene law and HACCP.
  • Your documentation and all the records are complete and according to government legislation and instructions.
  • Your staff is fully trained and aware of food hygiene and it’s requirement.